05-07 March 2021
Group for SE Wisconsin participants

The Challenge

Inspired by David Goggins-
4 miles every 4 hours for 48 straight hours!

The challenge was started by David Goggins, a famous American ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, motivational speaker, and author.Born in New York, the 45-year-old was formerly in the US Navy and Air Force and served in the Iraq war and has written a self-help memoir called Can’t Hurt Me.


David first launched the 4x4x48 challenge in 2020 and it proved to be so successful that he’s brought it back for 2021. Learn more about Goggins at

Here in Wisconsin we are following his lead by doing the challenge for a very good cause. We will not only test ourselves mentally and physically but we will raise money for the City Champs foundation! 

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About City Champs 

Opening Doors to Martial arts for under privledged youth! 

City Champs was founded in 2017 by local businessman Jared bell. An amateur boxer himself, he saw the power the boxing gym had in changing kids lives. While it started with boxing, it evolved into a full martial arts program a year later when he partnered with BJJ black Belt and local businessman Joshua Janis. Now programs are a combination of boxing, BJJ, wrestling, and Judo. 

"Martial Arts are the tools we use to plant the seeds of good knowledge and build confidence in youth. Building the character of our future.``
Jared Bell - Founder

Learn more at


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Join our group

You are not alone! Join the other hard f*ckers in the area that are challenging theselves. 


-Message boards talking about prep 

-After pandemic meet up at sponsor gym 

-Monthly updates on stories from finishers 

-Training tips 

-Each Lag Zoom calls with the team to inspire

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